How to take tractor loan from SBI Bank 2023 ? Apply Direct link

How to take tractor loan?:- 75% farmers reside in India who mainly depend on farming, hence India is also called an agricultural country. India is agricultural based, hence most of India’s economy depends on agriculture. To take India’s agriculture further and digitize farming, the government is running various schemes in the interest of farmers.

Like the Government of India is running Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, Kisan Credit Card Yojana etc. for the farmers. And now the Government of India has started taking tractor loans in the interest of farmers. Yes, now with the help of Government of India Bank, farmers will be provided loan of 80% of the price of the tractor for purchasing tractors.

Everyone knows that today special attention is being given to technology and resources for farming. This is the reason why farming has become much easier than before. But there are many small and middle class farmers across the country who do not have the resources available for farming. When we talk about farming resources, tractor is very important for farming.

How to take tractor loan?

Therefore, the Government of India has started the facility of giving SBI Tractor Loan. So friends, if you are also related to farming and want to buy a tractor, then now you can easily get the loan amount and buy a tractor by following the information below? So let us know –

What is tractor loan?

The Government of India has started a scheme to provide financial assistance to the farmers of India to buy tractors. According to the facility of this Tractor Loan, the Government of India will provide financial assistance of 80% of the price of the tractor in the form of loan to the farmers with the help of finance companies and Indian banks

For your information, let us tell you that mainly 14 companies are manufacturing tractors. Along with tractors, it is making many resources related to agriculture. So that the farmers of India do not have to face problems in agriculture. And now farmers are interested in farming, hence these tractor companies will provide tractors to the farmers on loan with the help of the Government of India. Farmers who want to buy a tractor can easily get a new tractor loan by taking SBI Bank Tractor Loan. About which you will know below –

Criteria required for loan

Farmers will have to go through some important criteria on tractor loan which are given below

  • To take a tractor loan, one must be a resident of India.
  • The income of the applicant farmer should be Rs 10 lakh annually.
  • The farmer must have 2 acres or more than 2 acres of land.
  • Farmers with income higher than this will not be able to get this loan

Documents required

Farmers who want tractor loan must have the following required documents –

  • The applicant farmer should have his Aadhar card.
  • It is necessary to have land related documents like Khatauni.
  • It is necessary for the farmer to have his residence certificate.
  • It is necessary for the applying farmer to have bank statement of 6 months.
  • mobile number
  • 2 passport photos

Loan Related FAQ

When it comes to taking any kind of loan from any bank, the person taking the loan has many questions in his mind, which are often asked by the people. Similarly, there are many questions related to Tractor Loan in Hindi which come in the mind of every farmer who wants to take this loan. Keeping this in mind, today we have given below some answers related to Tractor Loan Related FAQ in Hindi which you should definitely read once.

how many days will the loan be available?

After applying for tractor loan in the bank, the loan amount will be made available to you after the completion of the loan process in the bank


The government has set a target of doubling the income of farmers by 2023. For which the Government of India is continuously working. To double the income of the farmers, the Government of India often brings different types of schemes so that the income of the farmers can be easily doubled and they can do agriculture successfully.

Now, for farming, it is very important to have sufficient resources. Therefore, the Government of India has provided the facility for farmers to take tractor loan. So that even small and middle class farmers can easily buy tractors for their farming and can improve their farming yield.

Today, through this article we will tell you how to take a tractor loan? And what should be the documents required for this? Complete information has been given about this. I hope that the information given to you would have been important and after reading this article you would have easily applied for a tractor loan.

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