Money View Loan App Details Review 2023

If you have shown even a little interest in loan on the internet, then you must have seen the promotion of Money View Loan App and then you must be thinking that:

  • What is Money View Loan App?
  • Is this real or fake loan company?
  • How much trust can we have in it?
  • Will he not forcefully ask for more money by blackmailing after repaying the loan?
  • What is the interest rate of Moneyview loan app?
  • Which company is behind this etc.

You will get information about all these things in this post so that you will be able to decide whether you should take a loan from MoneyView or not?

Money View Loan App Details

If you want to know Money View Loan App Details, then first you have to know about the details of the company, what is the name of the company giving this loan? Does Money View have NBFC license or not?

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So let us first get the details of its company.

If you go to the official website of Money View, you will find that the name of its company is WhizDM Innovation Pvt. Ltd. Is.

This means that WhizDM Innovation Pvt. Ltd. There is a company named Moneyview whose product is to give loans to people.

WhizDM Innovation Pvt. Ltd. Details

Well, now let’s find out the details of this WhizDM company, when was this company registered, what is the name of its director and where is its official address.

It is important to know the details of any company so that if there is any kind of problem, you can complain or file an FIR with the police.

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So, to get detailed information about this company, I went to the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs which is also known as MCA21.


Now when I searched about WhizDM on MCA21, I saw a company named WhizDM Innovation Private Limited which was registered in Karnataka state only in 2014, whose CIN Number is – U72200KA2014PTC075775.

This proves that this company is registered. Now when we searched its further details on the basis of CIN, it was found that the names of its directors are Sanjay Aggarwal and Puneet Aggarwal, apart from this there are many other directors also.

Floating charges were also imposed on this company in 2019 and then copyright charges were imposed in 2021, details of which I also got on the portal of MCA21.

These are the details of the company which were necessary for registration, but just by registering, it is not necessary for the company to work properly, so now we have to see how it gives loans?

Money view loan real or fake Company?

As you saw, when I searched about moneyview on MCA portal, I got the details of the company by the name of WhizDM because the name of the company was written on the website of moneyview as WhizDM Innovation.

So now we can say that Moneyview company is a real company but how does it give the loan?

You know that to give loan, a separate license has to be obtained from RBI, so does Moneyview have NBFC license?

Money view loan RBI Approved or Not?

Now let us know whether Moneyview is RBI Approved or not? So the answer is that it is not an RBI Approved NBFC .

So the question will arise then how is moneyview giving loan when it is not an RBI approved NBFC? The answer is that it takes money from a company whose name is in the RBI Approved NBFC List and then gives loan from that company to the client i.e. the common man in the form of a partnership.

Like the company name of Moneyview is WhizDM Innovation Pvt Ltd. But the director of this company has opened another company whose name is WhizDM Finance Pvt. Ltd. And this company named WhizDM Finance gives money to WhizDM Innovation so that it can give loans to the public.

WhizDM Finance Private Limited is RBI Approved NBFC or not?

When I searched the name of WhizDM Finance in the RBI Approved NBFC List, the name of this company was found there, which means it is clear that if its name appears in the RBI Approved NBFC list, then it can give loans.

In this way we can understand that this Moneyview loan app is a genuine company.

Money view Loan Lending Partner Name

When you go to the official website of moneyview, there is a section at the bottom where the details of the lending partner are given. So when I went to the list of lending partner of moneyview, I saw that there are many companies which give money to moneyview. All the partners who were there to invest money on loan, their names are found in the RBI Approved NBFC List like: (Moneyview Lending Partner List)

  • WhizDM Finance
  • IIFL
  • Piramal Finance
  • Incred Finance
  • Aditya Birla Capital
  • 100
  • IDFC First Bank
  • DMI Finance
  • Northern ARC
  • Western CAP
  • NDX P2P etc.

When I saw the names of all these people, I understood that they take money from the company and give loans to you people and earn some percentage themselves.

When I saw all these details, I completely trusted Moneyview that this company is a real loan company and you can take personal loan through its app.

Moneyview is a safe loan app. If you have given me the details and you feel that other people should also get this information, then share it and if any of your friends has sent this post to you, then believe me, the sender wants your well being and that is why he has sent it.

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