How to earn money by creating online courses [Ultimate Guide]

If you are thinking about how to earn money by creating online courses and want to earn lakhs of rupees every month within the next 5 to 6 months, then definitely take advantage of the information given in this post.

Do you know that by using the knowledge you have, you can easily earn money sitting at home with the help of internet?

If even in this age of internet you are not earning money then the reason is that till now no correct information has been given to you but this friend of yours will guide you completely because when I am earning money with the help of online. So why won’t you be able to earn?

How to earn money by creating online courses?

How to earn money by creating online courses
How to earn money by creating online courses

How to earn money by creating online courses [Ultimate Guide] 3

Friends, when you read this heading, you must be thinking that there will be a lot of trouble in this, how will you make the course and then where will you sell it, that is, where will you sell your course, after that how will the money of whoever buys it reach your bank etc.

So don’t worry, if you want to create a course and then sell it easily, then all this can be done even without having much technical knowledge.

Friends, you know that as the number of Internet users increased in the world, people started using the Internet to increase their knowledge or learn a new skill.

Not only this, people who earlier used to study by going to coaching classes, now study online also, this is beneficial for both teachers and students.

For example, if a teacher opens his coaching then:-

  • The students who come will come from the local area.
  • There will be limited seats for students to sit.
  • A building or room will have to be constructed and seating arrangements will have to be made in it.
  • Room rent will have to be paid
  • Security will have to be provided.
  • Even after spending so much, it is not necessary that students will come and by then the money will already be spent.

At the same time, for students to study in offline coaching:-

  • Will have to live with room rent
  • According to the city, if room rent is expensive then poor children will not go to study.
  • Food and drinks will have to be arranged
  • There will be cost of transport to go from room to coaching.
  • Studying in coaching will be done as per the time table. If any work comes up then the class of that day will be missed.
  • Whether you will get the right course or not and there will be difficulty in changing the teacher.

But when the era of online courses came, it benefited both teachers and students that if a teacher or you yourself have knowledge in something and want to create a course and sell it, then you can easily do it online.

Students will be benefited that they can learn any new skill sitting at home with the help of mobile by purchasing online course or if they are preparing for any exam then they can study by purchasing the course.

Since the education will be online, there will be no hassle of paying rent at any other place, nor will the time be fixed, which means there will be no hassle of missing the class, so this means that the scope of online coaching classes is huge.

Future of online classes and online courses

A report was published in CNBC in which it was said that by 2025, the edtech business in India will be worth 10 billion dollars.

It is clear that if you also want to start your own edtech business by doing online teaching, that is, by starting an online coaching class, then this is the right opportunity.

You must have seen that many famous teachers sell their courses and earn lakhs of rupees from it, neither do they have the hassle of opening any coaching class nor of seating the students at any place and in such a situation there is no limit in online classes or courses. How many students will join?

Suppose if you launch a course, then lakhs of people will buy that course, then there will be no problem and no area is fixed, then in such a situation, people from the whole country or the whole world can buy it from anywhere.

But again the question remains that how to launch your own online course?

How to make and sell online courses?

There is a point in this:-

  • How to create your course?
  • And how to sell the course online.

See, when it comes to making a course, there are two ways in which you can make and sell the course.

How to make course to sell online?

You can create the course in a PDF format or else you can create it in video format.

If you make it in PDF format, it will become like an eBook , so you can sell it too (I will tell you where and how to sell it later in this post).

And if you make the course in video format then you will need:-

  • A camera (mobile camera will also work if you don’t have an extra one)
  • a mic. (You can take Boya’s mic because even YouTubers with millions of subscribers use it)
  • A computer ( to edit the video , although nowadays the video is edited in mobile only, in such a situation, even if you do not have a computer, it will work, but if you have one, then it is very good)

Now whatever topic you want to make a course on, record it episode by episode or chapter wise and edit it and in this way either your eBook or course will be ready.

Now, once you have created a course, you have in a way become a money printing machine by selling this course to unlimited people for life time.

So now let us know how to sell the course right?

Sell Course Online

When you create a course, the next step is how to sell course online.

So now you will need technical things like making your course or making an automatic system so that any student can buy your course from their mobile through Gpay or PhonePe or Paytm or with the help of any internet banking.

Now, whether it is day or 12 o’clock at night, the person who wants to buy the course should not disturb you, for this you will have to create a payment gateway, then a website where you will sell the course, and then an Android App like other teachers sell their courses in the same way.

But how will all this happen? Will it happen by itself? No, then should someone tell the company to prepare all this? How much money will it cost?

All these questions might be coming to you and you might also be thinking that there should be an option to upload the course, it would be good if there is an option to offer discount in the course.

So my friend, if you want all those functions which are there in other teacher’s apps, then you can use one of the tools.

You must have heard the name of Unacademy.

Unacademy has launched a tool with the help of which any person can launch his course and sell it online and the name of that tool is Graphy.

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How to earn money by creating online courses
How to earn money by creating online courses

Best sites to sell online courses.

If you are looking for a website where you can sell your course online, then for you:

  • Graphy (by Unacademy) will be the best site where you can sell the course easily.

If you use Graphy, you will get all these benefits.

  • You can create any number of courses, upload them and teach them, which means you can sell unlimited courses, there will be no boundaries in it.
  • You can also prepare certificates for your students.
  • You can take the exam online, for that you will get the tools of online exam system.
  • Everyone’s results can be published
  • You used to think that how the money will come from students’ account to your account and then payment collection system will also be available.
  • You can also give attractive offers to your students from time to time, like if you give discount at the time of Diwali or Holi or any special offer, then you will also get the system to decide what % discount you want to give for how many days.
  • And in order to sell your course to other students, you will also be given affiliate marketing tools like if someone promotes your course, how much commission will he get etc.

What more does a teacher or coaching practitioner need? All these facilities are required, so now if you want, you can easily sell it online by launching your course.

How did you like this information? Do tell me in the comments. By the way, I have also made a video on this. Do watch it.

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