CGF and WADA sign Memorandum of Understanding before Birmingham 2022


The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as they look to work together on a range of activities to rid drugs from sport.

The agreement was signed at the CGF General Assembly at the Grand Hotel here just two days before the Commonwealth Games are due to open.

CGF President Dame Louise Martin claimed the MoU was “further affirmation of our commitment to clean sport”.

Witold Bańka, the President of WADA, said working in close collaboration with the CGF will make a “meaningful contribution to the worldwide movement to protect the integrity of sport”.

The agreement comes after a series of initiatives that have been launched for Birmingham 2022, including a new interactive e-learning education course, developed and hosted by WADA for athletes and coaches.

The course is hosted on WADA’s anti-doping education and learning platform, ADEL.

On-site athlete outreach is also set to be available during the Games.

WADA’s independent observer programme will be tasked with monitoring and reporting on the anti-doping operation in Birmingham.

The CGF was recently found to be in compliance with the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code following the completion of a WADA questionnaire.

Dame Louise insisted the CGF had a “zero-tolerance” approach to doping, insisting it is “fundamentally wrong” and “detrimental to the values of Commonwealth sport”.

“The agreement today is further affirmation of our commitment to clean sport, which is critical to achieving integrity and fairness in sport,” said Dame Louise.

“In collaboration with WADA, the CGF seeks to maintain the integrity of the Commonwealth Games by running a comprehensive anti-doping programme that focuses equally on education and prevention as well as testing.

“We are so proud of our record in the Gold Coast 2018 of zero positive tests and have done a huge amount of pre-Games education for Birmingham participants.

“I thank WADA for their support and guidance and look forward to a successful partnership which extends well beyond these Games.”

Bańka added: “WADA recognises the importance of partnerships in the pursuit of clean sport.

“The global anti-doping system relies on collaboration between various stakeholders, and this MoU between WADA and the Commonwealth Games Federation will boost the anti-doping work already being carried out within the federation’s member countries.

“This agreement will guide the two organisations in implementing joint programmes.

“It will focus on building anti-doping capacity around the world and, as a result, it will enhance the capabilities of all CGF members.

“Joint initiatives between WADA and the CGF will empower athletes and their support personnel.

“It will give them the tools they need to compete clean, and therefore ‘Play True’, throughout their careers.

“I would like to thank Dame Louise and the Commonwealth Games Federation for their vision and willingness to prioritise clean sport.

“This collaboration will serve to strengthen the CGF’s own programmes and will make a meaningful contribution to the worldwide movement to protect the integrity of sport.”

The agreement comes after the CGF Anti-Doping Taskforce for Birmingham 2022, led by the CGF and UK Anti-Doping, was announced earlier this year.

It has aimed to promote clean sport and ensure a robust anti-doping programme is in place for the Games, that are due to run from Thursday (July 28) to August 8.


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