What are the duties of a banker? What is Banker’s Duties

What are the duties of a banker? Complete information in Hindi.

To maintain the bank customer relationship, the bank has to fulfill two types of responsibilities, the first of which is the payment of checks issued by the customer and the second responsibility is to maintain the confidentiality of the customer’s accounts. 

Responsibility to maintain customer confidentiality 

According to Section 13 of the Banking Company Act 1970, it is the responsibility of a bank to maintain complete confidentiality of its customer’s accounts. This is a statutory obligation of the bank and continues even after the account is closed. 

But there are some situations when the Bank can share the customer’s account information with someone else, which includes the following:

  1. Section-131 and 133 of Income Tax Act
  2. Section-4 of Bankers’ Book Evidence Act 1891
  3. Section-94 (3) of Civil Procedure Code 1908
  4. Section-26 of Banking Regulation Act 1949
  5. Practices between banks in which one bank can give information about its customer to another bank.
  6. When the customer himself gives the bank the right to give information about his account to any third party.
  7. When Reserve Bank of India wants any kind of information from any bank about the accounts of a particular customer. (Section 45)
  8. Under Companies Act 1956 Section 235, 237 and 251, when the Central Government sends an inspector regarding the accounts of a company.
  9. When the Bank automatically feels that giving information about it is necessary and in the interest of it or the customer.

While giving information in this way, the bank has to keep in mind that only as much information is given as is necessary.


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